Mouse problem reported at 2 UC Berkeley dorms

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- A pest problem at two UC Berkeley dorms has students disposing of dead mice and even sleeping in other buildings.

UC Berkeley Freshman Annabelle Long says she can't sleep in peace. She hears mice footsteps in the walls of her Stern Hall dorm every night.

"There were two back there behind my bed and another one behind her desk. Four dead mice we had in the room. We had that live mice in the trash and others scampering around at some point," said Long.

Long and her roommate, Danielle Dosh, reported the first rodent incident to the University last year. UC Berkeley maintenance personnel placed mouse traps several days later.

"Another mouse trap had gone off that I did not know that it was next to my bed and when I reached down to plug in my phone, I actually touched the mouse trap with the dead mouse in it. I was disgusted," said Dosh.

ABC7 News contacted a university official who confirmed mouse problems are not isolated to Stern Hall but also the building located behind it, Foothill Hall.

In a statement, UC Berkeley's spokesperson Adam M. Ratliff said: "We understand how distressing that can be. We're working to address this issue, and pest control and housing facilities staff are treating (setting traps, sealing points of entry, etc.) and cleaning impacted areas."

But mice are not the only problem. A photo at the entrance of the hall shows ants in the laundry room where there are also several broken washers.

A student who did not want to be identified said she's been sick for several months and showed the mold under her bed, window, and drapes. Other students are opting to move out.

"I would go to my friend's room but then I eventually had to come back and live in this rat hole," said Berkeley student Alexis Han.

UC Berkeley says they encourage students to report these issues to their Resident Assistant.
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