Report: daughter of Bay Area couple listed on UCLA soccer team roster, had never played competitively

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A report by the Los Angeles Times says the daughter of a Bay Area couple, accused of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in the college admissions scandal, was listed as a member of the elite 2017 UCLA women's soccer team even though she never played competitively.

Lauren Isackson even appeared on the official website and was given the number 41. The 2017 team was filled with stars and reached the national championship game before losing to Stanford. Isackson never played a minute.

Her biography on the website lists her accomplishments, but prosecutors say they were made up as part of the effort to get her into the school.

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The indictment says Isackson was admitted in 2016 and the UCLA student-athlete admissions committee required her to play on the team for at least one year.

The Los Angeles Times reports Isackson still is a student at UCLA but is not listed on the current soccer roster. The media guide described her as a practice player.

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Isackson's parents, Bruce and Davina, have been accused of spending more than $600,000 to get their children into UCLA and USC. Prosecutors say the couple used $250,000 of Facebook stock as part of their payment.

Davina Isackson made her first court appearance on Monday in Boston. She did not enter a plea and was released on a $1 million bond but was ordered to turn in her passport.

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