Backstage: On the set of 'Emergence'

BySandy Kenyon via KGO logo
Friday, September 20, 2019
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Sandy Kenyon talks to the stars on the set of the new ABC show 'Emergence'

NEW YORK -- Entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon went backstage on the set of "Emergence" to talk to the cast to learn more about the plot and characters of the new ABC show.

Tuesday's premiere of "Emergence" on ABC features a plane crash, a little girl who survives with no memory of the crash or even who she is.

Questions abound in the new sci-fi thriller, so I dropped by the set hoping to get some answers.

"I can tell you so little," Allison Tolman, who plays Jo Evans, said when I asked about the plot.

Not even a hint from any cast member.

We do know that Alexa Swinton plays Piper, the young girl who is central to the show's mysteries.

"This character doesn't remember anything. She's creating new memories and learning from everyone else," Swinton explained.

"Strange things happen when you are around this little girl," added Zabryna Guevara, who plays Abby Frasier on the show.

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The cast of the new ABC sci-fi drama "Emergence" hit the red carpet for the premiere of their show in New York City. (Michele Mustacchio)
Michele Mustacchio

Don't miss the big premiere of "Emergence" on Tuesday, September 24th at 10/9c on ABC.