Photographer who captured man proposing 8 years ago still searching for mystery couple

A Florida photographer who spotted a man proposing to a woman eight years ago is still trying to find the couple through social media.

Joy Groover instinctively captured the engagement in front of a church in Palm Beach.

She was there taking Christmas pictures with her family when she saw the man drop to his knee.

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She turned her camera and snapped photos of the couple's special, tearful moment.

The couple disappeared before Groover could introduce herself.

"My goal is just to give them these photos. I mean, it was a special day for the two of them and I don't know where they are now. I don't know if they're married now, if they have kids. So, I, I'd really be interested to see what they're reaction would be," Groover said.

She posts the photos on Facebook every December in hopes of getting a response. But hasn't had any luck yet.

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