4 places experts say you should be on high alert for debit card fraud

Debit card fraud is harder to deal with than credit card fraud, you don't automatically get your money back by law.

So being careful where you use your debit card is important. The risk of fraud is everywhere, but experts say certain places are more dangerous than others.

Here are four risky places to avoid:

Outdoor ATMs:
Bankrate says thieves can easily capture your bank card information by running it through a skimming machine installed over the real card reader. Instead, experts recommend using an ATM inside a retail outlet where that's less likely to happen.

Gas stations:
Bankrate experts say they're a danger zone because they're less secure and transactions require very little supervision. That means it's easy for thieves to place a pinpoint camera at the pump and steal your pin. Cash or credit cards are the best ways to pay at the pump.

Online Purchases:
Bankrate experts say this may be the most dangerous place to make purchases. Saying there's potential for hacking at many points during a transaction.

Bars and Restaurants:
Think about it-- you give your card to the server, the card leaves your hands for a while, and you have no way of knowing whether your card's information was copied while it was gone.

Safeguarding your payment information means staying alert at all times.

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