Tour buses banned near 'Full House' home in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Hundreds of cars stop on Broderick Street between Pine and Bush. Many drive on the wrong side, park illegally and block driveways, just to take a picture of themselves in front of the "Full House" home.

We found some young tourists visiting from Germany. "We watched the series, we all watched it. We love uncle Jessie, ha, ha."

We confronted a tourist from Alabama who justified his actions. He had parked on the wrong side of the street. "There's no sense in me coming over here and not take a picture so, I'm already out of the car and I'm already over here," explained Jason Gilbert.

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For years now neighbors have asked people not to block their driveways or double park. But fans of the TV show continue to disregard the signs.

Some of the neighbors were heard by the Municipal Transportation Agency asking the board to do something about the traffic including banning all commercial vehicles with nine or more seats.

"Since the promotion of the house, we have counted between 1,000 to 1,500 visitors or more on a busy day. They come in cars, Uber and Lyft, tour buses, Go-Cars, bikes and motorcycles," Carla Hashagen, a neighbor, told the board.

The board agreed to ban tour buses. But neighbors realize this is only a small step in stopping the flow of traffic on this block.

PHOTOS: Inside SF's iconic 'Full House' home
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While the iconic "Full House" home in San Francisco may look like it does on the tv show on the outside, the inside looks completely different.

Those who live next to or near the "Full House" home now join the neighbors of the famous Painted Ladies in having these tour buses banned.

By the way, the "Full House" home is not one of the Painted Ladies as Hollywood made you believe.

Still, even with this new restriction fans will continue to come, much to the frustration of these neighbors.
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