Job Hunting with Jobina: Grammarly is hiring and offering tools to help job seekers

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Conveying the right message through an email, cover letter, or resume is critical to landing a new job. If you're struggling with that, Grammarly can help.

"For job seekers in particular, we are here to help them feel more confident in communicating their skills, and communicating that they're the right person for the job," Senka Hadzimuratovic, Head of Communications at Grammarly, said. "Especially now, as we're in this remote environment, more and more folks are communicating exclusively online and in writing."

Grammarly is a digital writing assistance tool based on artificial intelligence. The platform has 30 million daily users and is known for helping with grammar and spelling, but it can do much more. Hadzimuratovic shared three highlights for job seekers; the readability, fluency, and tone features.

"Grammarly's readability feature really helps writers identify and prioritize the most important points for the reader. Grammarly can do this by offering formatting suggestions." For example, the readability feature can suggest bolding words, or creating a bulleted list instead of a long wordy sentence.

Hadzimuratovic went on to explain the fluency feature.

"It can really help multilingual speakers speak confidently in English by focusing in on the things that someone who might not speak English fluently may miss."

Grammarly technology looks for a combination of signals to identify your tone in a message.

"Word choice, the punctuation usage, your capitalization choices and negative words, negations that you're using and amplification words like very or extremely," Hadzimuratovic added. "Ensuring that your writing tone is appropriately interpreted by the hiring manager, that can really make or break your application."

If you're interested in the company itself, Grammarly is a Bay Area employer and is actively hiring.

Company: Grammarly
Job: Recruitment Marketing Manager
Duties: Partner closely with the Recruiting and Employer Branding teams to develop marketing strategies, etc.
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