Bay Area woman travels to Spain to freeze eggs

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Millennials entering their 30's are traveling to Europe to go on vacation and freeze their eggs.

Traveling through Spain is not the main reason Carmel DeAmicis flew to Europe two weeks ago.

"Why are more women like yourself taking this step? I think it's a mix of things. We are part of a generation that has huge college loans like never before. We're part of a generation that came of age in the recession and there are financial implication that make it harder to start a family," said DeAmicis.

In a video she recorded at a hostel in Spain she can be seen injecting fertility drugs into her stomach while saying, "This is for you my future babies."

Carmel DeAmicis is not alone. She's a Bay Area tech worker who traveled with five other women to Europe with two goals in mind-- to vacation and freeze their eggs.

"For 12 days and the last six days, two shots a night and you're giving it to yourself in the belly. The first time was the second night sat the hostel and I rally a group of women to do it with me," said DeAmicis.

DeAmicis is a tech worker who says she doesn't want to feel pressured into finding "the one," and added, "I don't have to have a partner to have a family I can make that choice based on if I meet the right person. I'm like Spanish sperm for my eggs that sounds adorable but I'll leave them there for now."

Bay Area based Ovally coordinated Carmel's trip and the CEOs vetted the fertility clinic.

"Egg freezing itself can be empowering. I would love to live in a world where fertility care is more democratized and where is easier and more affordable for someone who might be in their 20's who says I want to create this backup plan," said Gerlach.

We asked Ovally's CEO-- Why Spain?

"In the early 2000 they passed a law around 2006 I think that is one of the most inclusive health care laws," said Gerlach.

If Carmel wants to get her eggs back she can get them delivered to the U.S. or go through the insemination procedure in Spain.

In the U.S Freezing eggs can cost anywhere between $15,000 to $25,000.

Ovally says they charge between 3,500 and 4,000, but not including the trip.
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