9 things you didn't know about 'Inside Out'

BySamantha Sofka via KGO logo
Thursday, August 25, 2016

This story originally appeared on Oh My Disney and is reprinted with permission.

The very first time I saw Inside Out, I knew it would be an instant classic. The emotional tale had it all: a touching story, a star-studded cast, and a ton of heart. I'll admit, I cried more than once, and still do every time I see certain scenes-because it's just that good. To celebrate how much I love the film, I've compiled a list of fun facts you probably didn't know about Inside Out. Enjoy!

1. In an earlier script, Joy was named Optimism.

Pete Docter said it "sounded like childhood" to him. It was later changed to Joy because Optimism isn't actually an emotion.

In fact ...

2. All of the Emotions had names at one point.

Anger was Ira, Sadness was named Misty, and Disgust was Nadia--which was supposed to be spoken with an emphasis on "na."

3. Jangles, one of Riley's nightmares, is a tribute to a late Pixar animator.

The terrifying clown is actually based on a character created by Joe Ranft (the late director of Cars). His name is Buttocks the Clown. Fun fact: Jangles is voiced by Disney-Pixar writer (and co-director of the upcoming film Toy Story 4) Josh Cooley. Cooley also happens to be the writer and director of the Disney-Pixar short Riley's First Date?

4. The actor who voiced Bing Bong voiced a villain in an early Disney-Pixar movie.

Despite voicing one of the nicest characters in the movie, actor Richard Kind actually got his Disney-Pixar start as a villain! He lent his voice to Molt, Hopper's younger brother in A Bug's Life. The talented actor has also voiced characters in Toy Story 3 and Cars.

5. Filmmakers had Lewis Black in mind for Anger for a long time.

During early pitches for the film, Director Pete Docter referenced the comedian when he was explaining how the iconic actor's voice could bring Anger to life. Docter recalled using Black as an example when discussing the fun they could have with casting. Black was the perfect fit!

6. Mindy Kaling felt emotionally connected to Riley's story.

During early meetings, Kaling (who voices Disgust) reportedly shed tears. She explained: "I was a very sensitive young kid, and at its heart, this movie is about a young girl coming to know the importance of Sadness." Us too, Mindy. Us too.

7. Long Term Memory is massive.

According to Disney-Pixar, Long Term Memory is slightly larger than Taiwan, and covers over 14,000 square miles. It holds over 17 billion shelves and has room for 1.2 trillion memories-some of which feature scenes from the "Married Life" sequence from Up. Family Island, on the other hand, is described as being approximately the size of Disneyland.

8. The stars of a Disney-Pixar short film make a cameo.

If you pay attention during the sequence where Riley and her parents drive up to San Francisco, you'll notice birds on a telephone wire, a throwback to production designer Ralph Eggleston's short film "For the Birds."

9. One of the sequences was inspired by Saturday Night Live.

After joining the cast to voice Fear, actor Bill Hader invited filmmakers to SNL. They spent a week in New York City on the show's set. The experience informed the Dream Productions sequence in the movie.

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