Fresno middle school inspiring young girls with inspirational sayings

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Thursday, August 23, 2018
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Inspirational messages are popping up in a unique spot on a Fresno middle school campus.

FRESNO, Calif. -- Inspirational messages are popping up in a unique spot on a Fresno middle school. Powerful messages with sayings like "you are a strong girl never ever forget that" are the newest decorations that can be found in the girl's locker room at Computech Middle School.

"What I've learned as a teacher is that when you open their hearts, they open their minds," said Rochelle Flores, PE Teacher

The idea was the brainchild of Flores, who said she didn't have a classroom to decorate so thought she would use a vulnerable space to inspire young girls. It's already impacted many.

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"Their eyes just kind of stood still, they were tearing up and reciting the quotes to each other, walking around saying 'Oh my gosh this is so much fun.'"

Flores hired artist Nikki Myers, a local mom, to paint the positive message.

"My initial thought was this is the biggest thing I've ever been commissioned to do because it's so meaningful. I've done memorials and a lot of things, but this is huge because I have a daughter and it's important for girls, especially junior high girls, where they're starting to not know how to act or treat each other, it's really big," Myers said.

Myers drew each quote by hand and says it was amazing to see the transformation.

"It was emotional, thinking about all the girls that are going to see it daily, and how many years of little girls will get to see these lockers."

The quotes were painted on locker rooms and also in the bathroom, reminding them they are "be-you-tiful."

"I really wanted them to see this is a positive environment, we take care of each other. Kindness is cool, so spread it," Flores said.

Sayings that are reminding young minds they can be a positive force on their campus.

The inspirational messages have been such a hit on the girl's side, that they'll now be painting positive messages in the boy's locker room. Words they hope will impact all students.

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