Fire destroys Squaw Valley trailer where a sexual predator had contracted to live

FRESNO, California -- The owner of a remote trailer in Squaw Valley was the only one of several hundred properties that were deemed suitable for Jeffrey Snyder to live in.

Just days after it was announced the property owner would allow the violent sexual predator to live there the home was destroyed by a fire.

"For the most part, yes, it was fully engulfed in flames when we first arrived on the scene, there was very little savings on the building," said Shawn Hogan, Cal Fire.

It took firefighters 13-minutes to respond once they received a 911 call about the fire because of its location and road conditions.

"It's kind of difficult for us to get here, water coming across the road, flooding on the roads, and just the general location. It's a little ways away in a remote area so longer response time," said Hogan.

It took twelve firefighters several hours to knock down the flames, but what remains is a mystery as to how the controversial home caught fire in the first place.

Cal Fire was tight-lipped about the investigation but said one will take place to determine the cause.

Neighbors said they were upset the sexual predator had plans to live in this trailer because of the many children who live in the neighborhood.

Snyder was convicted of sex crimes against children five times during a 15-year span. He was considered so dangerous he was kept at Coalinga State Hospital even after his last sentence ended 12 years ago.

Attorneys believe Snyder is a changed man and ready to rejoin society. That claim is not enough for any potential neighbors of Snyder who have been vocal about not wanting him to live near their children.

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