EXCLUSIVE: California Republican Gubernatorial Candidate John Cox sits down for ABC7 News interview

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Republican Candidate for Governor John Cox stopped by ABC7 News to talk about the upcoming election.

He spoke to ABC7's Reggie Aqui about a number of important issues including the housing crisis, education and the gas tax.

"President Trump didn't create the affordability or the livability crisis, he didn't create our water shortage. We are facing water rationing in this state where aren't going to be able to take a shower and wash our clothes in the same day," said Cox.

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He also responded to the latest headline involving the Trump administration trying to define transgender out of existence.

"I think it's not a good idea to try to redefine gender, at all. Let's let people live the way they want to live," said Cox.

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Cox also promised to fight President Trump when needed on issues important to California.

"I will fight the president when its needed because of California's interests," said Cox.

The candidate will be in the South Bay this morning for a rally to support Proposition 6 - which would repeal the state's gas tax.

We've also extended an invite to Gavin Newsom to join us live in studio; there has been no commitment yet from his campaign.

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