Haunted Wolfe Manor mansion in Clovis to be demolished

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Wolfe Manor is a favorite location for those searching for ghost but the 92-year-old mansion is about to be permanently laid to rest, demolished.

CLOVIS, Calif. -- Wolfe Manor is a favorite location for those searching for ghost but the 92-year-old mansion is about to be permanently laid to rest, demolished.

According to Assistant Clovis City Manager John Holt, "Its been identified as a dangerous building."

Not because of the supposed ghosts, but because it's become an attractive nuisance. Police have responded to nearly a hundred calls in the past 5 years. Video surveillance captured young looters and somebody set a fire inside. Holt says enough is enough.

"We have attempted to work with the property owner for at least the past five years to clean up the property, either improve it or have it demolished and we have not had luck in doing that," said Holt. "So at this point in time this is moving forward to have it demolished."

"I'm very frustrated I don't understand," said the building's owner, Todd Wolfe.

He has owned the old mansion for 17 years. Wolfe operated it as a Halloween attraction until the city shut him down over neighbors' complaints in 2004. With rumors it was haunted he opened it to ghost hunting tourists. The city stopped that as well.

Wolfe added, "It has been a struggle and a battle with the city since 1997."

He is now asking for more time. He's hoping someone will save it from the wrecking ball by moving it. But the city has already hired an asbestos removal crew and plans to demolish the building.

Wolfe said, "They are giving me till November 3rd to get anything I want out before they bring in the trucks and start smashing the house up."

Wolfe feels it will be a tragic loss for the history of Clovis, and the spirits who may still live there. The mansion started out as a private residence in 1922. After the original owner died an untimely death it was turned into a hospital and sanitarium. Later it became a mental hospital and a nursing home. Many deaths were recorded in the building over the years and some believe their ghosts still haunt the place. That's why it's been featured in several "Ghost Hunter" type TV shows.

"Is there a presence in the house, absolutely," said Wolfe. "I just hope whatever is there they find some kind of peace. I think they stay in the house because they feel comfortable but after the house is gone, I don't understand any of that. There's a lot of assumptions, I just don't know. Nobody does."

Assistant City Manager John Holt says he is not aware of any ghosts. The city has also decided the 9,000 square foot mansion is not of historical significance. Holt estimates the cost of demolition to be around $30,000. Wolfe owns the more than one acre lot the house sits on and the city plans to place a lien on the land so that when it is sold they can recover the costs of demolition.

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