Relatives of CA family killed find 8-month-old victim's shoe on floor where kidnapping happened

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Monday, October 10, 2022
Relatives of CA family kidnapped, killed find 8-month-old's shoe
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Relatives of the California family killed say they've found 8-month-old Aroohi Dheri's shoe on the floor where the kidnapping happened.

MERCED, Calif. (KGO) -- For the first time since an entire family was kidnapped, then killed in Merced County, we're hearing from some of their extended family members.

Family members are still struggling as they deal with the loss of 8-month-old little girl Aroohi Dheri, her parents Jasdeep Singh and Jasleen Kaur, and her uncle Amandeep Singh.

"It's heartbreaking to see my cousins were building this and so excited about creating this the American dream after immigrating here in the 2000s," said Sukh Bhela, cousin of Jasdeep and Amandeep.

Relatives of this Merced County family were back where the kidnapping originally took place on Sunday -- back at the trucking company that their family owns.

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Bhela and Amarinder Singh went inside of the trucking company's trailer and unexpectedly found 8-month-old victim Aroohi's shoe.

"We just walked in for the first time and saw her little shoe on the floor. This was our little baby. Babies are off-limits. Baby Aroohi was off-limits and coming here, I have so much anger, so much anger for what I saw inside this trailer," said Bhela and Singh.

The bodies of little Aroohi, her parents, and her uncle were found last Wednesday in an almond orchard. The four had been kidnapped two days prior to that.

Sunday night marked the fourth and final vigil in Merced, California. One for each of the victims.

"My cousin JB, who was here with his family, will always be remembered as our quirky little cousin. He came from India and he was off to the races. He loved hanging out with us, his family, he loved barbecues, and he loved the rumble of the American V8," said Bhela referring to Aroohi's dad Jasdeep.

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"He loved being with family and community, his favorite holiday was Thanksgiving, and I was just visiting about two weeks before. About a week before he was kidnapped and murdered, and we were planning on our next Thanksgiving," said Singh, referring to Aroohi's uncle Amandeep.

Sadly that won't happen.

Bhela and Singh say the community reaction has been amazing, but they're still struggling.

"It's really been a constant cycle of disbelief at times, pain, anger, and grief. I fall asleep then wake up in the middle of the night just so you know, seeing what things used to be like and nightmares of what happened," said Singh.

More than $300,000 have been raised for the family. The money will go toward helping Aroohi's grandparents and helping the family of Amandeep Singh. Singh leaves behind a wife and two children both under the age of 10.

If you'd like to support the family go to, their GoFundMe page can be found here.