Most expensive shoes in the world on sale for $17 million

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (KGO) -- A pair of diamond-encrusted glam stilettos will not only add a sparkle to your step, at $17 million, they will also leave a hole in your pocket.

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The ultra-luxury heels encrusted with diamonds are thought to be the most expensive in the world. You won't find them at Neiman Marcus. The pricey shoes are on display at the Burj al Arab Hotel in Dubai.

The unique pair is made of gold, leather, silk and features 236 diamonds, including two D-flawless diamonds of 15 carats each.

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Jada Dubai and Passion Jewellers collaborated to make the one-of-a-kind stilettos.

The prototype is a women's size five and a half, but custom-made shoes will be available once they're paid for.

No word on if they're comfortable.
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