VIDEO: Naked cowboy walks down freeway in snowstorm, found by cops

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

AUBURN HILLS, MI -- According to one police department, a man they responded to Sunday was unusual not because he was naked, but because he was walking down the freeway naked in a snow storm.

The Auburn Hills Police Department posted a link to this video of a man wearing nothing but a cowboy hat in a snow storm.

Tap/click to watch.
Contains nudity.

"Actually this isn't a call that is that unusual -- it just isn't usually on the freeway," wrote the police department in a statement on its blog.

The department said that the incident was dealt with as a medical emergency, citing a belief that the man was suffering from a medical condition called "Excited Delirium Syndrome." The controversial condition involves erratic behavior sometimes linked to alcohol, drugs or mental illness.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, Excited Delirium has not been recognized as a medical or psychiatric diagnosis. However, the library says, a number of medical examiners have used the condition to explain why some people die while being restrained by police.

In this case, the Auburn Hills PD said, they convinced the man to get in the police vehicle of his own accord. On the way to the hospital, he became unresponsive. When he awoke he became combative, but no one was injured, the department said.

Chief Doreen Olko, who wrote the blog post, said, "I don't know his status as of today. I do know that his family was contacted yesterday and met him at the hospital."

The department has not stated what charges, if any, the man will face.