ABC EXCLUSIVE: Nancy Pelosi says President Trump is 'scared' of impeachment inquiry

George Stephanopoulos went one-on-one with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in an ABC News exclusive interview.

He got the speaker's take on her phone conversation with President Trump just hours before she announced the impeachment inquiry.

Pelosi says she thinks the president knows the argument that can be made against him and that he's scared.

Shortly before Pelosi sat for the one-on-one interview, Trump dismissed the impeachment inquiry with an expletive and tweeted that Democrats should choose "a better candidate" than Hillary Clinton in 2020.

Here's what Pelosi had to say about the phone call: "I saw the surprise in his voice, that he didn't understand that I thought what he did was wrong. That he was undermining our national security, that he was undermining our Constitution by his actions and he was undermining the integrity of our elections. He just didn't see it."
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