Local listing for nanny in Menlo Park goes viral for ridiculous list of requirements

MENLO PARK, Calif. (KGO) -- Think you're cut out to be a nanny in Silicon Valley? Well, an au pair listing in Menlo Park is going viral for the requirements that go beyond the usual.

The listing on Google's job search platform is asking for someone to become a member of their household for a single mom's twins in the Menlo Park area.

Besides being a nanny by running errands and helping the kids with homework, you will need to be a manager and cook.

The listing says you need to be a "great consistent cook" able to, "Conduct research into vegan recipes and make modifications to regular recipes. Able to learn about using alternatives to milk and butter. Can read articles about eating beef and increases in breast cancer and can understand this information at a summary level, i.e., beef is bad, fish and vegetables are good."

You need to be athletic: "Can ski at least at an intermediate level (preferred) and can take kids on ski vacations and manage everything (preferred)."

You need to be an "excellent" driver: "Experienced driving in snow (preferred), experienced mountain driving (preferred) and experience driving in other countries (preferred)"

You need to be a travel agent: "Strategically think through vacation options based on the developmental levels of the kids and the need for the mom to relax. Conduct research into domestic and global vacation options based on criteria, populate information into a simple Excel spreadsheet, recommend and book vacations, track vacation expenses in Excel including track vacation home deposits getting returned."

The Mom is a CEO and "needs to relax on weekends."

Do you have what it takes to apply?
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