ONLY ON ABC7NEWS.COM: Video shows confrontation with UberEats driver in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A San Francisco resident says a food delivery man crossed the line when he verbally assaulted her using profanity and also kicked her door. The man is an independent contractor for UberEats, an online delivery service that's owned by Uber. It's exclusive video you'll see only on ABC7.

Natasha Dalzell-Martinez showed us how a camera outside her door captured the disturbing event. It was her first time using the food delivery service UberEats. She was disappointed when the delivery man showed up with the wrong order.

FULL VIDEO: Confrontation with UberEats driver caught on camera
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A San Francisco resident says a food delivery driver with UberEats crossed the line when he verbally assaulted her using profanity and also kicked her door. Here's a look at the full surveillance video that you'll see only on ABC7.

"He actually gave me four salads instead of one salad and I figured he would be back," she said.

Surveillance video shows what happened next. The man left but returned a few minutes later. When Dalzell-Martinez opened the door, he blamed her for the mistake and walked through the door.

Dalzell-Martinez: "I opened the door and he actually walked in the house."
Melendez: "Uninvited?"

Dalzell-Martinez: "Uninvited. And said, 'You gave me the wrong order.' And I said, 'I gave you the wrong order?'"

In the video you see the delivery man become very agitated and then start to verbally assault her while using profanity.

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"His fuse was so short and that's what worried me," she said. "And then he kicked the door. I could hear the door kicked and I could hear him yelling all the way back to his car."

We showed San Francisco police the video posted on Facebook.

"I don't know if there was some kind of misunderstanding, but it's definitely not a good idea for any individual to enter a home unless they were invited in," said Officer Grace Gatpandan.

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Dalzell-Martinez contacted UberEats, and was reimbursed.

The company told ABC7 News: "The behavior seen in this video is unacceptable and we are continuing to look further into this."

Dalzell-Martinez says, "In fact this morning when I left I thought - what if he comes back? What if he spray painted? What if he came back? I was worried that he was going to come back."

In a situation like this one police encourage people to call them to report it.
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