Man killed over smartphone in SF remembered on Thanksgiving

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- On this Thanksgiving Day, the parents of a young man shot to death over a smartphone are asking for the public's help in finding their son's killers. Michael Marquez was shot to death earlier this week.

Cellphone thefts make up most of the robberies in San Francisco, but rarely do they end up this violent. Police and the victim's parents are asking for the public's help in finding the killers.

"The word killed or murdered is not the type of word I'd like to put around my brother," said the victim's sister, Carina Marquez. "It's more that he's not with me anymore."

Michael was shot to death as he and two friends walked down a quiet street in the city's Duboce Triangle early Monday morning.

Police say five people jumped out of a car and robbed them at gunpoint. They shot him, then took his smartphone and backpack.

His parents -- Ramone and Patricia Marquez -- were told at the hospital he had passed.

"It's just so hurtful, so painful," Ramone said. "My wife and I have just been crying a lot and I feel like there is no tears in me."

Patricia added, "He's a very loving person. A person who'd do anything for his family and friends first, over himself."

A police source tells us that Michael may have been shot because he resisted his attacker's demands. His caring persona may explain why he did that.

"He would stand up to any bully against his friend, who was bothering his friends," Ramone said. "That was the type of character of Michael."

Police have made no arrests. And until they do, the victim's family says justice is an elusive word.

"The people who heard the first gunshots, please come forward," Ramone said. "If there is any evidence, please give it to the police , toSFPD."

On this Thanksgiving, there is a void in the Marquez family home. But they say they're still thankful.

"He's still part of us in our hearts," Patricia said. "So he's part of us today on Thanksgiving."

Maria Twyman, a friend of the victim, says he had one thing in his backpack that hopefully will make his killers think long and hard about what they did.

Maria: "He carried it around with him in that backpack."
Vic: "The Bible?"
Maria: "The Bible, yes, that was in there. That Bible."
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