Sexual harassment lawsuit alleges SF startup Upload VR has 'kink room'

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Yet another Bay Area tech company is accused of sexism in the workplace -- this time it's a San Francisco virtual reality company. The lawsuit alleges Upload VR is creating a sexually charged boys club.

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Condoms, a room on site offered up for sex dubbed the "kink room," men talking about their sexual conquests and more is laid out in a lawsuit filed last week.

The details are disturbing.

There are 21 pages filled with one woman's accusations against Upload VR and its cofounders.

Former director of digital and social media, Elizabeth Scott accuses the group of sexual harassment, retaliation, and gender discrimination.

Upload VR is a virtual reality accelerator where all things virtual reality are promoted.

In their San Francisco office, the plaintiff claims, "the female employees were also required to clean up after their parties. This included whatever condoms or underwear might be left behind."

Scott is suing for an undisclosed amount.

"It's kind of alarming to see so much of this behavior in one specific industry or one niche in tech," said Natasha Tiku of "Wired" magazine.

Just last week, augmented reality company Magic Leap settled a sex discrimination suit with a former employee.

Tiku covers tech for "Wired" magazine.

She sees inexperience getting in the way sometimes.

"A feeling like it's a scrappy, young company they may not have an HR department," Tiku told ABC7 News. "And it may not be so professionalized and formalized."

Upload VR did not return our calls.

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