Vallejo kidnapping suspect investigated for other attacks

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Alameda County Sheriff's officials say the Harvard-educated lawyer arrested for a Vallejo "Gone Girl" kidnapping may be responsible for even more attacks. (KGO-TV)

While the Vallejo Police Department claimed a kidnapping in March was a hoax, the Alameda County Sheriff's Office was working a case that would prove it was real. And now Sheriff Greg Ahern is calling a Dublin homeowner who fought off the suspect in another home invasion a hero.

VIDEO: Vallejo police address kidnapping they'd called a hoax

The sheriff believes the suspect, 38-year-old Matthew Muller of Orangevale, Calif., may be responsible for even more attacks. And just to be sure, his investigators are looking at similar unsolved crimes.

"In 35 years, this is about as bizarre of an investigation that I've been involved with," Ahern said.

On Tuesday, Ahern commended his deputies on cracking the bizarre case and proving the Vallejo home invasion and kidnapping was not a hoax.

"This certainly, however, ranks at the top of the strange scale," said Chronicle reporter Henry Lee.

VIDEO: Vallejo 'Gone Girl' kidnapping suspect tied to other home invasions

Lee also says it's one of the most bizarre stories he's ever covered.

It was the work of a sheriff's investigation into another home invasion in Dublin that led authorities to Muller, the Harvard-trained former lawyer who's charged in that kidnapping of Denise Huskins.

The sheriff also gave credit to the Dublin homeowner who fought Muller when he broke into his house.

"Making that decision spontaneously probably saved them all from being victimized further," Ahern said.

Lee even became an unwitting participant when he began receiving emails from someone claiming to be the kidnapper, containing details of the attack.

The first one, the day after the incident, said, "Victim 'F' (Denise Huskins) will be returned safely tomorrow."

VIDEO: Email sent by alleged kidnappers of Vallejo woman threatens police

The four emails to Lee said there were several kidnappers involved. One states that they are, "... professional thieves... more than 2 and fewer than 8 in number... hold at least bachelor's degrees..."

The email sender said the group ran an elaborate car theft operation on Mare Island and had burglarized several homes as well. He said it was like a game or a movie adventure.

Talking about the emails, Lee said, "We're like a gentlemanly 'Ocean's Eleven' type group where we are responsible for all these car thefts and then we branched out to kidnapping. So yeah, obviously it was very stunning."

The sender also expressed anger when Vallejo police called the kidnapping a hoax, writing, "Ms. Victim 'F' was absolutely kidnapped. We did it... travesty that is the police response to Ms. Victim 'F's' kidnapping..."

The emails contained in this affidavit are very specific. In fact, the sender outlines in detail how the home invasion went down and the kidnapping.

And finally, remorse. The sender said he regrets, "Our slide into criminality.

Authorities have not said whether Muller had accomplices.

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