Oakland woman survives vicious pit bull mauling, speaks out from hospital

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The Oakland woman who survived a vicious dog mauling last week described the ordeal on Monday night from her hospital bed. Her injuries, as seen in pictures, are severe.

"I was screaming my lungs out," said Nichole Kennedy about the dog attack, "I tried to stand real still and you know they both just came at me at once. They just went to work on me."

On Friday Kennedy had let her dog, a pit bull/Shar-Pei mix, run ahead of her as they walked along 63rd Avenue. She recalls, "I heard this man say, 'Lady I think your dog is dead' and I said 'My dog is dead? Where are you?'"

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She says her dog's throat had been ripped open by a pair of pit bulls. It died. The dogs then attacked Kennedy, whose injuries extend the entire length of her body.

"The doctor told me this morning my ear might fall off, you know my leg is crushed, my eye I can't hardly open it," she said.

The pit bulls also attacked a neighbor, who came to help the 54-year-old woman. Kennedy knows him as Mr. Ronnie. She doesn't know his full name so she can't get an update on his condition from the hospital.

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"I send my love to him because if he wouldn't have come back there, they would have killed me," said Kennedy.

Oakland Animal Services took the pit bulls and is investigating the attack.

Kennedy's daughter, Princess Kennedy, wants action taken.

"I want them put down. I don't think that they should be able to be around they're vicious. What if it happens to somebody else?" she said.

It's unclear if the dogs' owner will face charges.
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