Package thieves use scary new tactic to access Bay Area homes

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Package thefts certainly aren't a new phenomenon in San Francisco and other parts of the Bay Area, but for group of residents, they're noticing the brazen thieves are using a new tactic to enter their building.

"A neighbor notified me a week and a half ago we had some package thieves where people enter the building likely through an app where they go and deliver food."

Meghann didn't want to reveal her last name, but she along with at least 2 other residents say after ordering food from delivery service Caviar, surveillance images show who they believe is the male delivery driver gaining access to the building's lobby to drop off an order. Later, cameras appear to capture him and a female accomplice leaving with packages.

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"They made three trips that day, inside and out! If they're brazen enough to steal packages they could possibly do more, which would be unfortunate."

There are two kinds of delivery drivers: those who are independent contractors who users contact through an app and those hired by actual restaurants.

Viva Goa in San Francisco's Marina district uses their own drivers and says there's a benefit to knowing who your driver is.

"Most of our drivers have been working here for at least 5 years. We know our customers personally on that scale."says Nicholas Ferenndes.

A Caviar spokesperson says they are aware of these issues and sent us this statement: "Caviar conducts background checks on all couriers before they begin making deliveries. While this type of issue is not unique to Caviar, we take incidents like this very seriously. We investigate all reports that come into our team and will end relationships with couriers who are found to be violating our policies."

The company spokesperson also indicated there have been incidents where would-be crooks buy or obtain logoed Caviar bags to pose as delivery drivers.

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Meghann acknowledges the issue is not exclusive to Caviar but hopes by telling her story it'll improve security at her building and encourage others to speak out if this ever happens again.

"As a woman living alone in a building with 60 some other residents, it's kind of scary they have this kind of access."

While she and her neighbors may never get their packages back, she has a message for the possible suspects in the surveillance video.

"It's really unfair and unfortunate and I hope you get what's coming to you."

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