Controversial Tiburon dog ban causing an uproar

TIBURON, Calif. (KGO) -- A sign telling dog owners to keep their pets off McKegney Field in Tiburon, near Blackies Pasture, is causing an uproar.

One dog owner says, "It's very frustrating to see dogs are not welcome on that field."

Another says, "I think it's terrible. We paid for part of it... why can't we use it?"

The reason it's off limits to dogs - the city is trying to protect its investment.

Park Allen is on Tiburon's Parks, Open Space and Trails Commission and said, "Dogs dig and they go to the bathroom. If either happens, the field is relatively shallow and it could cause pretty major damage to the fields."

Only youth soccer and lacrosse teams will play on the special grass by paying a rental fee that's double the original amount.

According to a lacrosse coach, McKegney is also the only local field large enough to hold multiple teams at once.

Brian Hole said, "It's so beautiful, it would be a shame to see it undermined by an unfortunate dog incident."

In fact, just a few feet away, dogs freely roam in other parts of nearby Blackie's Pasture.

Todd Davis is a Tiburon resident and agrees with the dog ban. "There's a sense of entitlement. People want to run around and have fun with their dogs, which is fine. There is so much other space for them to run around."

Still, McKegney is in high demand. Reese Jones is a dog owner. "Well-behaved dogs, well-behaved soccer players, well-behaved people should all have the ability to go on it."

The city council will make a final decision later this spring.

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