EXCLUSIVE: Oakland 6-year-old recovering after being mauled by pit bull

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Hype is a one-year-old pit bull accused of attacking a woman's six-year-old daughter. She did not want to be identified for fear of retaliation.

The woman, who calls herself, "Laura" said: "The dog grabbed my daughter and dragged her out into the street like a rag doll."

On Friday afternoon the victim, who is in kindergarten, was walking up High Street, with an adult and another little boy. They were on their way to her after school care program.

As they walked past Hype's house, the gate was open and the dog ran out. The dog owner's father admitted, "Sometimes he runs around after people."

According to neighbors, Friday wasn't the first time.

Larry Luque, who lives a few houses away from Hype said, " The dog got me, he went after the mail carrier, went after the neighbor next door. He went after at least six people I know of."

I asked neighbor, April Luque, "Are you afraid of that dog?" She answered, "Yes, we are. We all are."

Many say they've reported the dog 'and' his owner to Oakland Police, prior to Friday's attack.

A woman named Jennifer M. lives in the house with Hype. She says he's harmless. "The house and the cars have been broken into so if anything he keeps us all here protected and safe."

Police referred the case to Animal Services, who ordered Hype to stay indoors for 10 days.

The victim, meantime, has a large bite mark on her backside but it did not require stitches.

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