Have a problem at the polls? Here's what to do

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Several companies are making it easy for you to get to the polls for the election with free or discounted rides. (Anthony Wilson)

A few sporadic problems were reported Tuesday morning as voters across California arrived at polling stations to cast their ballots in the midterm election.

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One voter at Mar Vista's Mark Twain Junior High School in Southern California said the person at the location who had the roster with the names and addresses of registered voters had not arrived as of 9 a.m.

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A long line formed at the polling place and voters who had their sample ballots were allowed to vote by using a provisional ballot. All other voters were asked to return to the location later Tuesday.

Meanwhile, a viewer with our sister station KABC said a ballot box was jammed at First United Methodist Church in North Hollywood. And in Lanark Park in Canoga Park, a ballot machine was reported broken.

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"Took forever to reboot and still wouldn't work and accept ballots," Juliet Mothershed said on Twitter. "Disappointed but will accept that the ballots will eventually be counted."

If you run into a problem at the polls, let us know on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook by tagging your post #abc7now.

Voters who encounter problems at the polls can call the hotlines listed below and on the California Secretary of State's website for assistance.

(800) 345-VOTE (8683) - English
(800) 232-VOTA (8682) - Spanish
(800) 339-2857 - Chinese
(888) 345-2692 - Hindi
(800) 339-2865 - Japanese
(888) 345-4917 - Khmer
(866) 575-1558 - Korean
(800) 339-2957 - Tagalog
(855) 345-3933 - Thai
(800) 339-8163 - Vietnamese
(800) 833-8683 - TTY/TDD

If your name is not on the voter list at your polling place, you may be eligible to cast a provisional ballot. Here's how:

Sometimes names of eligible voters are not found on the roster at their local polling place.

There may be a clerical error. Some voters may normally vote by mail but wish to cast their ballot in person and don't have the form in their possession. Some voters may have moved within the same county but did not re-register to vote.

Also first-time voters are required to proof of identification. If they cannot, they may request a provisional ballot and their eligibility will later be verified.

A provisional ballot is a regular ballot that is placed in a special envelope before it is placed in the ballot box. Election officials will later confirm whether the voter is eligible to vote in that county and has not already voted. If confirmed the ballot will be counted in the final tally.

Election officials must verify that you are eligible to vote in that county before counting your provisional ballot. To find out if your provisional ballot was counted, you can check this link after the election.

Full coverage on the 2018 election at abc7news.com/election.

Sources: California Secretary of State, Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder
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