Oakland mayoral candidates gather in support of Measure Z

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Mayor Jean Quan and several other candidates for mayor came together on Monday to support Measure Z, which would fund the police force there.

There are 15 candidates running for the next Oakland mayor's seat and five top contenders attended a news conference in Oakland.

Political campaigns are usually about the differences among candidates, but in Oakland, a rare event occurred where top mayoral candidates came together to agree on something.

"The one thing we can all say is we all agree on Measure Z," Quan said.

Quan and four of her rivals in the campaign to become the city's next mayor stood shoulder to shoulder for a time Monday morning, to show their combined support for Measure Z.

"I want to encourage everyone to vote yes on Measure Z on your November ballot," Rebecca Kaplan said.

"It will guarantee that we will have officers assigned to neighborhoods," Quan said.

"A vote against Measure Z means you basically want to roll back public safety resources," Schaaf said.

Measure Z is basically an extension of a current parcel tax to provide funding for public safety programs, including 50 police officers.

Candidate Joe Tuman supports the measure, but thinks it doesn't go far enough.

"It's regrettable unfortunately that there was not a commitment by the city to a larger number of police officers," Tuman said.

"This is Bryan Parker, Oakland mayoral candidate. I am actually calling you today in support of Measure Z," Parker said.

After the joint press conference, the candidates worked the phone banks.

Though it's an extension of a current tax, measure Z still requires two-thirds approval by the voters.
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