Amazon's Prime Day: What's hot, how to score the best deals

"So, the number one thing people want to buy on Prime Day is TV and streaming devices."

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Friday, October 9, 2020
What's hot this Amazon Prime Day(s)
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Experts say that Amazon's Prime Day will be full of great deals -- just not on select items. Here's what to shop for -- and what to look for elsewhere.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Are you ready for next week's big sale? The misnamed Amazon Prime "Day," which is actually two days, is set for October 13 and 14.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted Prime Day more than just by its delayed date this year, but by what shoppers are searching for during the two-day sale.

"We've been seeing intense interest all through the pandemic of people updating their home electronics. And it makes perfect sense because these home electronics have become our home electronics, our work electronics, our life electronics," said Sascha Segan, Lead Mobile Analyst with

Shoppers are looking to buy all types of electronics, including computers and electronic doorbells, but they are most focused on in-home entertainment.

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"So, the number one thing people want to buy on Prime Day is TV and streaming devices," Segan says. "A lot of people are looking to upgrade their TVs after being stuck at home for six months. You probably spend a lot of time looking at your TV, probably thinking 'Can I make this better?' and Amazon tends to have very good prices on TVs." says the deals are real, but before buying, make sure you know what the product is selling for when it is not on sale.

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Remember too, Prime Day is not your last chance for a deal this year. Black Friday is still expected to be huge. Also remember, not everything you want may be on sale during Prime Day.

"We anticipate that the new iPhone line is going to come out on October 13, the same day as Prime Day," Segan says. "Apple will not be offering good deals through Amazon. You are going to have to look at Apple themselves." and will be keeping track of the items for sale during Prime Day. Checking in with these websites could help you land a deal.

Finally, there has been a lot of misinformation about Prime Day this year, including a viral plea to not shop on prime day so voting ballots will make it through the USPS. That is not an issue. Letters are handled in a different way than packages, and not all Amazon packages go through the U.S. Postal Service.

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