Family earning up to $138K qualifies for affordable housing in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A family of two making up to $138,000 can now qualify for affordable housing in San Francisco.

The Board of Supervisors passed a new policy Tuesday to expand housing assistance for those earning higher incomes.

The last time San Francisco updated its affordable housing policy was in 2002.

Before the new proposal passed, anyone earning 55 percent of the San Francisco median household income qualified for assistance. So if the median is $77,734, in order to qualify for affordable housing the person must be making $42,753.

Under the new plan anyone earning up to 150 percent of median qualifies. A single person would need to earn $120,000, and a two person household would need to earn $138,000. A family of two would pay a little more than $2800 a month for a one bedroom.

This will make it easier to keep teachers, firefighters and other middle class workers in San Francisco.

Currently a developer must set aside 12 percent of units built toward affordable rental units. That percentage will now go up to 18 percent.
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