Report: At least 7 students drugged at Stanford fraternity party

PALO ALTO, Calif. (KGO) -- Students say someone drugged them at the Sigma Chi fraternity house at Stanford.

The alleged drugging took place on Friday night with 7 people reporting symptoms, according to the Stanford Daily.

In an article, it says at least five members of the Pi Beta Phi sorority and two members of the men's rowing team suspect they were drugged at the Sigma Chi fraternity house on Friday night.

The Stanford Daily cites an email memo from the Pi Phi house staff to sorority members saying those people experienced unusual symptoms aligned with that of someone taking a Benzo-Diazaepine, a type of drug that functions as a minor tranquilizer.

One type of benzo, known as "roofies" are commonly known as a date rape drug. The Pi Phi house staff says not all members took a drug test and they do not have official evidence but one of the rowers did test positive after going to the hospital. The Pi Phi memo said the person suspected of bringing drugs to the party was "loosely affiliated with Stanford Men's Rowing" but not a Stanford student and not someone linked to Sigma Chi.

The Stanford Daily and The Fountain Hopper say the suspect is a member of the Dartmouth College men's rowing team.

Stanford University says this incident is being investigated.
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