Mold in Richmond apartment makes tenants sick

RICHMOND, Calif. (KGO) -- Jerry Miller has lived with mold, mildew and dry rot for years-- and he's angry.

"I call him a slum lord. He deserves to be in jail."

Brian Moore is the landlord. The city of Richmond's building code enforcement has already cited him for having mold, dampness in rooms, and missing smoke detectors.

Miller uses an inhaler and blames his breathing problems on the mold. So does his mother, who lives there too.

Barbara Miller says, "Itching, itching in my head too, my nose runs, my eyes, from the mold. I can't breathe."
Friday, city building inspectors, the Management Company and tenants will meet to discuss all of the problems in the complex.

Even the mayor's office knows about them.

The Mayor's chief of staff said, "What Mr. Miller has told us and has shown us is very serious and concerning. Issues have been found and there is active follow up."

ABC7 contacted the property managers for a comment but they did not respond. They did, however, contact the Millers, asking them to vacate while they made repairs.

Jerry says, "All they want to do is cover this, and paint it and get it over with and walk away."
Maria Gonzalez also lives in the San Pablo Avenue complex. She has mold too.

"It's in the bathroom on the rim. So like this, if you were to lift the curtains up it's on the corners."

Tenants, on average, pay $1,700 a month in rent.
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