Shoppers at Safeway where Ed Lee had medical episode react to death

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Shoppers at the Safeway where San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee had a medical episode are reacting to his death.

The mayor was shopping at the store last night around 10:30 when he collapsed. He was often spotted at the Safeway on Monterey Boulevard near the Sunnyside playground. The manager said the store would not be commenting about what happened here last night.

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Here is the reaction from some of the Safeway shoppers:

"He was pretty historic -- to be the first Asian-American Mayor. And I guess we have the first African-American Mayor so it's another first for us. San Francisco has been through a lot and I think we will get through this as well," said Angie Fa, San Francisco resident.

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"God it's shocking. He was so energetic, running around. It's a shock. A total shock," said Linda Williams, San Francisco resident.

We are told the mayor was talking on the way to the hospital, but about two and a half hours later, he was pronounced dead at Zuckerberg General Hospital at 1:11 this morning. We are told his loved ones and some colleagues were at his side.

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