Rare animals at SF Zoo named after SF Giants players

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014
From left to right: Bongo calf named "Pence" and kudo calf named "Madison."
From left to right: Bongo calf named "Pence" and kudo calf named "Madison."
(Photos courtesy San Francisco Zoo)

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The San Francisco Zoo is thrilled to announce that two significant animal births took place during the San Francisco Giants' pennant race and World Series. The first is a female greater kudu calf, the tallest of the African hoofstock, born on Oct. 11 to mom Portia and dad Jack. She is doing well and has been spending some time in the Leanne B. Roberts African Savanna with the rest of her herd, which also includes her older sister, Jamie.

And on the evening of Oct. 22, a female eastern mountain bongo calf was born to mom Betty Jean and dad Kibo. This species one of the most striking and critically endangered of African hoofstock, with only 100 left in the wilds of Kenya. Weighing approximately 42 pounds at birth, this is Betty's first calf, but she is proving to be a wonderful and attentive mother. The new bongo calf is likely to be on exhibit intermittently starting this Sunday.

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Given the auspicious timing of these very special arrivals, the Zoo has given the name "Madison" to the kudo calf, after the Giants' imposing 6 foot 5 inch ace pitcher, Madison Bumgarner. And the Zoo has given the name "Pence" to the charming bongo calf, after the Giants' unique and brave right-fielder, Hunter Pence.

Last week, Tanya Peterson, Executive Director and President of the San Francisco Zoological Society, and Randy Wisthoff, CEO/Executive Director of the Kansas City Zoo came up with a friendly wager loosely based on each team's mascots and colors.

  • If the San Francisco Giants win the World series, senior staff from the Kansas City Zoo will dress in orange and black and stand in front of the "seal lion" enclosure with signs that say "We're not lion, the Giants beat us fair and square."
  • In the unlikely event that Kansas City wins the World Series, senior staff at the San Francisco Zoo will dress in royal blue and stand in front of the lion enclosure with signs that say "The Royals won and we're swallowing our pride."
  • Photos of either city's losing displays will be posted on each Zoo's Facebook feed. Regardless of the outcome, the World Series has presented an opportunity for two great cities to strut their stuff on behalf of their teams. Go Giants!

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