Man who had police called on him in San Francisco while standing outside building speaks out

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Video of a San Francisco father calling the police on an African American man is the latest in a series of viral cellphone recordings that show people of color getting the police called on them in the Bay Area.

"You're just going to be the next person on TV," said San Francisco resident Wesly Michel, in a video he recorded on his cellphone outside a San Francisco condo building.

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The recording shows building resident, Christopher Cukor, calling the police while his young son cries for him to stop.

Michel says he was at the Van Ness Avenue condo building for a July 4 barbecue with his friends.

In a statement posted to 'Medium', Cukor said that Michel "caught the door" while he and his son were leaving and that Michel tried to enter "the building without using the call box."

Cukor also explained that his father was murdered by a trespasser outside his Berkeley home-- which ABC7 covered in 2012.

"I think Chris did the right thing," said a building resident, who did not want to be identified. The resident says Cukor is head of the HOA's security committee and has been working to reduce frequent break-ins and theft inside the building. "This is when San Francisco crime and homelessness issues turn into a misunderstood race issue and that's just not right."

"The African American - he was the victim, so I can be the victim for next time," said Sid Afzl, who works valet across the street and witnessed the confrontation.

"Christopher bullying against the black African guy," said Aflz, who added that Cukor was, "investigating like he's the cop. That shouldn't happen."

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ABC7 news reporter, Kate Larsen, caught up with Michel Tuesday night, who is surprised by the viral reaction to his video, "It actually shows how polarized people can be, just by looking at one video, there's two sides to the story."

Kate Larsen: "Do you think Christopher Cukor was being racist when he called the police?

Wesly Michel: "Well, I think that his actions show exactly what he felt at that time. But the best way to answer that is that my friend that was coming in, he never asked her for ID" Michel said "it would be educational" for him and Cukor to sit down and talk.

Wesly Michel Full Statment:
When I arrived at the address, I called my friend (who lives in the apartment ) to buzz me in. I buzzed the door me in multiple times to let me in, but the door wasn't working. I then called my other friend Kathy who would be soon arriving at the same location to get her ETA. She told me she was right around the corner, so I attempted again to have my friend who lives in the building to buzz me in. His apartment like many apartments in San Francisco require a fob key for both front door entry and use of elevator to work.

This time as I'm attempting to gain entry into the building, Chris is leaving the apartment complex with his son. As I'm entering the building he stops me and asks me do I live there. I tell him no I'm there visiting a friend for a 4th of July BBQ and I am waiting for another friend to arrive.

He then demands that I identify who I'm coming to visit and who I am waiting for. I tell him I don't have to do that and then He asks me to show him my ID. I tell him no and then he says he's going to call the police. That's when I asked him if that is his son. He doesn't answer and his son then stated that is indeed his dad, and his father now tell me there have been break-ins and robberies in the building. At this point I wouldn't mind just stepping outside and waiting, but he's persisting that I now verify I have a friend that lives here by punching in his code. When he mentions again that he would call the police that is when I took out my phone to record the incident. He called me a "trespasser" a "tailgater"and a stated I threatened him and his son.

When the police arrived , he told them I threatened his life. I simply handed the police the video in hand and they told me I was free to go. I asked the officers to file for harassment and they told me there was nothing I can do. I felt powerless and decided to share my experience on my facebook - not to target his action but to share my experience on July 4th, as my friend were posting photos of them having fun at BBQ's.
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