San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo suffers broken bones after being hit by car while riding his bike

ByKate Larsen KGO logo
Wednesday, January 2, 2019
San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo hit by car while riding bicycle
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San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo was struck by a car while riding his bicycle, but is expected to be OK.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo was hit by a car while out on a bike ride Tuesday. He has some minor broken bones and will be kept overnight at San Jose Regional Medical Center.

Mayor Liccardo is expected to return home in the next few days and he thanked a San Jose woman for helping him after the crash.

The accident happened at 12:30 p.m. at Salt Lake Drive and Mabury Road in San Jose. Linda Dutra lives on the corner and ran outside to help after the crash.

"I didn't realize he was the Mayor until the paramedics got here and that's when he removed his eyeglasses."

"We wrapped up his arm, because that was bleeding quite a bit," said Dutra, who added, "I know he had to be in a lot of pain, but he just kept thanking us and thanking us and I thought that's very nice and sweet."

Dutra says she knows the driver of the car that hit the Mayor from around the neighborhood. He stayed on scene after the crash and Dutra said he was worried about the Mayor, "he said he just didn't see him."

As for the intersection where Mayor Liccardo was hit, Dutra says after living there for 19 years, she's seen a lot of accidents and hopes safety improvements will be made. "

It's one of those streets that's just a straight shot, people love racing up and down it."

Mayor Liccardo's office says he is resting and in good spirits. He released the following statement Tuesday night:

"I'd like to thank compassionate neighbors like Linda and Tom who rushed to help immediately after the accident; the fast and professional response from Fire Station 19 and the San Jose Police Department; the wonderful paramedic care from Alex and her team; and the outstanding medical attention from Dr. Jimenez and the entire staff at Regional Medical Center," said Mayor Liccardo."

He also joked: "Fortunately, the doctors state that all defects to the head were pre-existing conditions."