Memorial grows for San Ramon Valley High School student

DANVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- A sad silence hangs over San Ramon Valley High School, as students say goodbye to their friend.

High school Junior, Julia Item said, "He was sweet and he was really shy. He was really sweet though."

Those here say Ben Curry was the 15 year old who was found at the bottom of the school swimming pool after fourth period PE class.

Aidan Vaupen said, "I changed next to the kid in my locker and I saw him. He was laughing. Happy, nothing seemed wrong with him."

Danville police still don't know what happened after that class.

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But by fifth period, students and even Curry's friends were about to get into the pool when they saw the body.

Friend Lucas Griffin said, "It's kind of in shock because it's weird... some guy you know all your life is not gonna be there the next day. It's hard to process."

Parents also reacted.

Carissa Manzo said, "They wanted to give him flowers and put a memorial for him because he deserved it. Because not everyone knew what a cool kid he was."

Tresenia Griffin said, "He was a natural born leader and a kind human being."

Police are making this case a priority.
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