LSD-fueled rampage in Bodega Bay puts three in hospital, ends with deputies shooting San Francisco man

BODEGA BAY, Calif. (KGO) -- A San Francisco man has been identified by Sonoma County investigators as the person shot by deputies after going an LSD-fueled rampage in Bodega Bay on the 4th of July.

32-year old Betai Koffi is hospitalized in critical condition after being shot by deputies three times while driving a stolen truck.

He is facing two counts of attempted murder, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and carjacking after going on a drug-fueled rampage.

The Sonoma County Sheriff's Department released new bizarre details about the case in an extensive press release Friday afternoon.

According to investigators, Koffi and five friends had rented a house in Bodega Bay for the long July Fourth weekend.

Koffi's friends told investigators he consumed two hits of LSD and became delusional.

They were able to calm him down, but a short time later Koffi took two additional hits of LSD and that's when things got out of control.

Friends told investigators, Koffi tried to leave the house around 8 pm, punched a woman at the house, stabbed a man with a pencil and choked another man.

He got out of the house, into his rental car and backed into a parked car before crashing into the garage of their rented house.

Koffi then ran down the street until a security guard stopped him.

Investigators say he picked up a landscaping stake and stabbed the security guard with it, before knocking him to the ground.

Koffi then got into the security guard's truck and sped toward a man and a woman who were walking by, hitting them both.

Then, police say Koffi drove off the road and toward another couple who were standing on a bluff, hitting that woman.

Investigators say Koffi kept driving, into a wall and through yards.

A CHP officer and Sonoma County Sheriff's Deputy got there about the same time and say Koffi tried to run down both officers.

The deputy fired several shots when Koffi wouldn't stop.

Investigators say at least three bullets hit him through the windshield of the security guard's truck.

The two women he's accused of running down are hospitalized with serious injuries, but both are expected to recover, along with the stabbed security guard.

The Sheriff's Department says video of this stunning series of events will be released soon.
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