Mom sent to pump breast milk in airport's pet relief area

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Another new mother is complaining about being mistreated when she needed to pump breast milk while on a trip.

This latest incident didn't happen on a plane, but at Washington Dulles international airport.

The new mom says she asked a United Airlines employee where she could go to pump breast milk. The woman was led to the pet relief area of the airport.

She said there was no door and that there was a red fire hydrant in that area for dogs to urinate on.

The woman said she was also denied access to the United Club Area because she wasn't a member.

VIDEO: Mom says flight attendant scolded her for using breast pump in bathroom

This all comes on the heels of a separate incident involving American Airlines on a recent flight from Chicago to Phoenix.

The new mother failed to alert the flight attendants that she was going to be pumping, which all led to a confrontation, which was caught on the woman's iPad.

Both United and American said that new moms just need to give flight attendants a heads up if they need to pump while on a flight.
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