Natasha Zouves says goodbye to ABC7 for Stanford Fellowship

Out of a dark year has come a life-changing opportunity. I am so excited to share it with you.

I've been named a journalism fellow at Stanford University. The John S. Knight Fellowship is such a big dream, it's hard to conceive of myself as part of it. Among the fellows have been Pulitzer Prize-winners and industry-shaping journalists. They choose to take roughly a year out of accomplished careers to investigate the most pressing issues facing journalism today.

I'm so honored that the selection committee has invited me to join their cohort. It means that I'll spend several months embedded with brilliant minds at Stanford and in Silicon Valley, getting a chance to participate in work that can make a difference.

It's certainly an unexpected, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but it does mean that in order to say yes, I have to let go of another dream, at least for now.

This part is tough. I think you know what it's meant to me to be part of ABC7, and how hard I've fought to get back to you all. I grew up in the Bay Area, and being here has been a homecoming. I am bowled over by your support and love through some of the darkest days of the concussion recovery, and am so grateful for the celebration and warmth with which you welcomed me back to the desk.

I've read every single kind comment and prayer. To the literal thousands who have taken the time to write those words, I wish that I could throw my arms around each one of you and let you know how much it's meant -- how your words kept me going on some days.

I've said it before and it's still just as true, your love has been like honey on my heart. THANK YOU.

During this next chapter, I'm so happy that I'll still be in the Bay Area and I hope you'll come along on the journey with me. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook.

One thing the concussion recovery has taught me is that everybody is dealing with challenges, even if (especially if) its unseen. The incomparable Robin Roberts has said this better than I can. I'm hoping this is a goodbye for now -- a see you again soon -- and please know that I'm cheering you on, no matter what you're going through and where you are on your journey. I truly look forward to keeping in touch!

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