Controversial 'Speak English' sign at Dunkin' Donuts goes viral

BALTIMORE, Md. -- A sign posted by a Dunkin' Donuts manager in Maryland received strong reaction from customers and social media users.

Many are incensed, while others don't see a problem. WBAL-TV reports the sign read:

"If you hear any of our staff shouting in a language other than English, please call (number) with the name of the employee to receive a coupon for a free coffee and a pastry."

The sign has gone viral on social media, attracting national attention.

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Comments on social media include: "Couldn't agree more. If I owned a business the rule would be speak whatever language you want when you are not working. But, when you are working you will only speak English."

"That's horrible," one customer said. "I guess (it's) kind of expected in this climate of horrible things like that."

Another franchise owner admitted he placed a similar sign in his store years ago. He says he did it to please customers.

Dunkin' Donuts responded with a statement: "The franchise owner has informed us that the sign was posted by their general manager based on her own judgment to ensure those standards are being met. While her intent was to address a customer service and satisfaction issue, the franchisee determined her approach was inappropriate and confirmed the sign has been removed."
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