South San Francisco man dies after contracting COVID19 on cruise ship, daughter pleads for medical attention for mother

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Monday, April 6, 2020
South SF man dies after contracting COVID-19 on Princess cruise ship, family says
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71-year-old Wilson Maa of South San Francisco died Saturday night after contracting Coronavirus onboard the Coral Princess cruise ship docked in Miami. His wife is now showing COVID-19 symptoms.

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KGO) -- A South San Francisco man who contracted the novel coronavirus while on board a Princess cruise ship that traveled around South America has died, his daughter told ABC7 Sunday morning.

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The Coral Princess cruise ship docked in Miami on Saturday and more than 1,000 passengers were able to disembark and were told to self-isolate.

Wilson Maa, 71, of South San Francisco, died Saturday night after contracting COVID-19 on board.

Julie Maa, Wilson's daughter spoke to us from her home in New York. She says he died at a Miami hospital after waiting four hours to be transferred off the ship. Now, she's making an emotional plea for help.

"All I'm focused on is helping my mom, I have to save her," said Maa.

Julie's Mom, Toyling Maa is now showing symptoms of COVID-19.

"We've been told three ambulances showed up and took others off but my mom is still on the ship. I understand there are other priorities, but I just can't lose another parent today," said Maa

Wilson Maa, 71, contracted the coronavirus while on board a Princess cruise ship traveling around South America.
Wilson Maa, 71, contracted the coronavirus while on board a Princess cruise ship traveling around South America.
Julie Maa

"I don't know who makes the decisions , everyone says it's not my fault," said Maa.

The Maa's from South San Francisco were on their dream cruise vacation and were one of at least a dozen passengers and crew members to have contracted the coronavirus while the Princess-owned cruise ship traveled through South America after departing March 5.

The mayor of Miami allowed the ship to dock Saturday morning after officials confirmed at least one man from South Carolina had died.

Passengers had expected to finish their vacation aboard the Coral Princess ship on March 19 in Buenos Aires.

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Julie was begging anyone for help, even tweeting the Mayor of Miami: "Can you please help here? I need to help my mom get to a hospital."

"She has a brething tube, they're giving her medication to so fever doesn't spike, she has underlying conditions which makes me worry more, it's a replay of what happened to my dad," Maa added.

ABC7 News reached out to Princess Cruises for a statement, they replied:

"It is our understanding that Mrs. Maa is high priority to be transferred to a local hospital."

Late Sunday, Maa reported her mom had been transferred off the ship and was awaiting care at a Miami hospital.

Three passengers, including Wilson Maa have died on board the Coral Princess. 5 crew members and 7 passengers have tested positive for COVID-19.

Coronavirus-stricken cruise ships have become all-too-familiar scenes. Most notably the Grand Princess cruise ship, which had hundreds of crew members expected to end their 14-day quarantine Saturday.

It comes shortly after one crew member onboard died of COVID-19.

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