13-year-old arrested following explosion on South San Jose school campus

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- It's a feeling that no parent wants to have.

Parents were notified by their scared students of Bernal Intermediate School Tuesday afternoon that an explosive device went off on campus.

"I was thinking: was there shrapnel? Did the garbage can completely explode? Did metal fly? What exactly happened?" Parent Lisa Griffin said after the event.

During lunch on Tuesday March 26, a loud explosion rocked the school.

The San Jose Police Department believe it was fireworks in a garbage can that caused the blast.

In an e-mail sent to parents hours after the explosion, Bernal Principal Jamal Splane said the event left the aluminum can destroyed.

The e-mail said in part, "A loud explosion took place in an area outside of Bernal's band class between our old and new gyms. An aluminum trash can appeared to have been destroyed by a large firework or other explosive device. Students were immediately moved to a safe location on campus and San Jose Police Department was immediately contacted."

One neighbor nearby told ABC7 that she was home when the explosion took place.

She said the blast shook her walls and windows a block away from campus.

Despite the scary moments, Griffin said she felt comfortable sending her daughter back to school when it resumed regularly the next day.

"I didn't have any concern because I felt that they dealt with the matter. They did find the person and they removed him from school," Griffin said.

The Oak Grove School District released a statement saying the San Jose Police Department was immediately contacted and through their investigation, the responsible party was identified.

SJPD tells us the 13-year-old boy was arrested and booked into Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall for detonating an explosive device.

Thankful no one was hurt in the situation, Griffin offered words of advice to her daughter if this scary situation were to happen again.

"If you hear anything like that, let your teachers know. Don't be afraid to speak up because somebody could get hurt in the future."

Read below the full statement from Oak Grove School District:

"On Tuesday, March 26th, a loud explosion took place on the Bernal Intermediate School campus in the Oak Grove School District. The San Jose Police Department was immediately contacted and through their investigation, the responsible party was identified.
Police searched the campus and found no other dangerous items. They determined the campus was clear and classes resumed normal activities. We appreciate the prompt response, attention and care of our staff and SJPD ensuring the safety of our students.
We want to reassure everyone that the safety and security of our children and staff remain a top priority at Bernal and in the Oak Grove School District."
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