Artist known as 'Nychos' creates massive mural marking Sharks Territory in San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Something's caught the attention of people along The Alameda in San Jose. It's the new, large-scale freehand mural marking Sharks Territory.

Once complete, it'll stand more than 35-yards tall on an outer wall of the Modera The Alameda apartment complex near the SAP Center.

Part of Building a Better Bay Area involves taking pride in your hometown. The San Jose Sharks, Modera The Alameda, Empire Seven Studios (E7S), Mighty, and world-renowned artist Nychos are doing just that by bringing the Sharks-themed mural to life.

"I love it," resident, Georgianne Toms said. "I'm a die-hard Sharks fan from the beginning, so I love it."

The San Jose Sharks commissioned Austrian artist Nychos for the job. He's internationally known for his anatomy-based, x-ray style work.

"I didn't like it to start with, I didn't understand it," Herb Woodward told ABC7 News. "It looked very strange to me."

Woodward was the only critic on Thursday. However, like many, he couldn't deny the talent behind the piece.

He pointed to the incredible detail and dedication from an artist who only started working on the mural on Monday.

"It's an amazing effort," Woodward said. "I mean, I applaud the effort and it's extremely well done."

It's Nychos' first piece in San Jose. He's already painted murals elsewhere in the Bay Area, including in Oakland and San Francisco.

"At some point you realize you're not painting for yourself anymore," Nychos said. "You're painting for the rest of the world."

As a former Bay Area resident himself, Nychos plans to incorporate waves, water and the city's skyline. The piece is titled "Bleed Teal" and will show the shark getting its power from the City of San Jose while teal pumps through its veins.

"The effects and the 'funky-fizzle' as I call it, is going to happen right at the end," the artist told ABC7 News.

"I always do it freehand," he said about his work. "Working freehand gives you space to think about it, and say, ok, this is what it needs to look like. This is what I need to do. And after that, it's more of a process of building it up."

Visitors have until Sunday to watch that process from afar. Nychos anticipates the piece will be done by then.

"That is crazy," Toms said, as she watched the artist at work. "That's just a lot of love and labor that goes into it, and it's much appreciated."

Nychos estimates he will use at least 800 cans of spray paint by completion.

An official unveiling is planned for Aug. 1.

Nychos said he will be working on murals in San Francisco and Oakland next.
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