Peter continues to reward drama on 'The Bachelor' with Kelsey and Tammy

NEW YORK -- Our "Bachelor" Peter drove some women mad this week with his wishy-washy behavior.

We started off with Peter still dealing with the Alayah situation. He asked her to stay after she randomly came back this week. Then, after seeing the reaction from the other women, Peter bowed to the pressure, yet again, and asked Alayah to leave for the second time.

At the rose ceremony, Peter offered roses to:

1) Victoria F. (one-on-one)
2) Kelsey (one-on-one)
3) Madison
4) Sydney
5) Natasha
6) Lexi
7) Hannah Ann
8) Shiann
9) Mykenna
10) Victoria P.
11) Kelley
12) Tammy

Costa Rica
As the women arrived in Costa Rica - Peter told them a lame made up story about how he crossed paths with a puma...well, he was just joking. Turns out, he tripped getting into a golf cart and he cracked his drink on his forehead and needed 22 stitches. There was a big deal made about how Peter gets hurt, but they barely took a minute to address this on the show. Although they did play this surveillance video of "the incident" during the credits:

Sydney One-on-One

Peter took Sydney on a helicopter tour and they looked at a volcano and the rain forest. They did a lot of kissing. Even once they had landed, Sydney would start to talk to him and he would just kiss her. During dinner, she described her life growing up and how she was bullied for being bicultural. Peter sympathized with her and loved that she opened up to him. He offered her the date rose. Then they took things to the next level in the hot tub, and outside the hot tub.

Group Date
The group date was for Shiann, Kelsey, Victoria F., Madison, Natasha, Victoria P., Lexi, Hannah Ann, Tammy, and Mykenna. The card read, "Let's capture our love today." They all went to a waterfall to take pictures for Cosmopolitan! You can spot it in the March issue of the magazine. The editor told them to be bold and take risks.

Victoria F. went in for the kill and kissed Peter in front of the other women - right as they were sitting there! Kelsey continued to freak out - she really can't handle seeing the other women with Peter. Hannah Ann also went in for a kiss. Victoria F. won the honor of being on the cover with Peter, so it seemed her boldness paid off. It paid off in more kisses for sure.

During the cocktail party, Peter wished Victoria F. a happy birthday at the ripe old age of 26. He told her that he really likes her, and she just said, huh, and he said, "That's all I get, I'm not done with you yet!" And there was a lot more kissing. He says that the time with her is never enough. She's definitely a frontrunner.

Hannah Ann told Peter that she appreciates that he always gives 100% on the group dates and so she feels like she needs to do the same. He told her she's the "cutest thing ever." Kelsey told Peter she knows that she wasn't fully herself and it seemed like he didn't notice, but she went on and on about her feelings and how hard it is to have them on a group date after they had such a great one-on-one last week. She told him that she's falling in love with him. He just looked at her blankly and then kissed her. But, he told her that she shouldn't be scared because he's been thinking about her a lot and he's feeling it too.

Tammy used her time to trash talk Kelsey. She broke the cardinal rule of using her time to talk about someone else. It almost always backfires. She even warned Peter that Kelsey drinks excessively. Peter told Tammy that he hates to hear that about her because they had just had a great talk. He pulled Kelsey aside afterwards and asked her if she had a mental breakdown. Kelsey said she was emotional, but did not have a breakdown. Peter warned her that it's not going to get easier and she promised to tell him if she has a problem.

Kelsey went on the warpath to confront the women and said she's not emotionally unstable. The other women all told her she's selfish because many of them haven't had one-on-one dates and she has. They told her she was over-the-top with her reaction to someone else getting a date. Tammy called Kelsey out for being upset over a bottle of champagne for four days, but she never admitted to being the one who called her "unstable." In the end, Peter gave the group date rose to Hannah Ann! That was a shock. Victoria F. had thought she had it in the bag, but it seems like Peter can't resist Hannah Ann's cuteness.

Kelley One-on-One
Kelley wanted to go into the date level headed and just looking to have fun. Peter says that their relationship seems to have plateaued and he wants to see if it can grow. They went for a spiritual cleansing in the rain forest with some gurus who facilitated it. A pendulum said that they were not on the same path of life at that moment and Peter felt like she wasn't giving it his all. Her candle showed that she was "repressed." Interesting.

Kelsey and Tammy Confrontation
Back at the hotel, Tammy told Kelsey that she did talk to Peter about her, but only in the sense that she was distracted caring for others. They argued about who is able to express their emotions better and Tammy told Kelsey she was drunk and concerned about her. Kelsey tried to defend herself but Tammy said, she could just continue to cry to herself over bottles of wine. Harsh!

2nd Part of Kelley and Peter's One-on-One
Peter isn't feeling like Kelley is invested in him. He says that he has doubts but still feels for her. Kelley said that she is frustrated with his indecisiveness in dealing with Alayah. She doesn't feel like she can break through to him. She told him that she could for sure be engaged to him if their relationship is in the right place. Kelley said she wants someone who is her true other half and challenge each other. Peter begged her to trust in the process and he offered her the date rose, and she accepted it. They swam in the waterfall, shared some intimate moments, but Kelley is still skeptical with so many other women in the picture at this point.

Kelsey Visits Peter

Kelsey decided she needed to take away Peter's doubts. She walked over to visit Peter and told him that the situation with her crying got very blown out of proportion. She said that she is good with most of the girls but she didn't want anyone confusing him before the rose ceremony. Peter said that their connection is growing and she shouldn't doubt that he knows her. Then Kelsey dropped Tammy's name and said that she is telling the other girls that she has a drinking problem and is popping pills. She said she did have a little too much the night she got emotional, but she does not have a problem and the things Tammy is saying are hurtful. Peter agreed. Then they got some make out time in. So, it seems like it was worth the trip for her. Peter told Kelsey that he really sees something with her and he gave her a rose right on the spot! She was immediately worried about what the other girls would say, but he told her to take it.

Rose Ceremony
Peter decided to go straight to the rose ceremony instead of having a cocktail party and they all blamed Kelsey. She apologized but no one cared. She told Tammy that she told Peter what she said about her to the other women with about the drinking and pills. Tammy first started to deny saying it, but then she admitted to it. The other women stuck up for Kelsey and told her she shouldn't have brought up Kelsey. Sydney and Tammy started fighting because Tammy tried to say that she destroyed Alayah, but Sydney said that Peter asked her so that's how that situation came up. Mykenna just sat there and cried. Before Peter could hand out roses, Tammy pulled him aside. We don't exactly know what was said, but he decided to continue.

1) Sydney (One-on-One)
2) Hannah Ann (Group Date)
3) Kelley (One-on-One)
4) Kelsey (Visit to Peter)
5) Victoria F.
6) Madison
7) Natasha
8) Victoria P.
9) Mykenna
10) Tammy
Shiann warned him on her way out that what she is seeing from some of the women is not who they really are. Lexi was also eliminated.

On Wednesday, the drama is ramped up even more, so don't miss this second episode this week!
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