Before and After: 'The Lion King' Broadway Costume Transformations

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015
'The Lion King' cast transforms into their characters.
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This story first appeared on Disney Insider and is reprinted with permission.

In 1998, Julie Taymor won a Tony Award for for Best Costumes for The Lion King, and her beautifully intricate designs are still seen around the globe today in the hit musical based on the 1994 film. With the help of our friends at Disney Theatrical Productions we're thrilled to be able to showcase the amazing transformations that several actors in The Lion King broadway goes through before each performance. You won't believe the amazing transformations that are achieved through makeup and costuming! Take a look:

Absolutely mesmerizing. Fun fact: Pumbaa's costume is the heaviest of the bunch, weighing in at 45 pounds!

You can see these costumes up close on Broadway, on tour, and around the world in The Lion King, find out when the show is coming to your town and get tickets.

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