Thief caught on camera stealing $600 wedding dress from San Francisco home

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- For Svitlana Furs, shopping for a wedding dress was like living out a childhood fantasy.

"I dreamed about a big dress right, princess," says Furs.

She finally landed on the style of her dreams an off the shoulder Mikado-Trumpet. Svitlana ordered the $600 gown online. It arrived on her front steps in San Francisco's Mt. Davidson neighborhood yesterday and disappeared just a quickly.

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"And I knew it was delivered, and when I got home it was not there. The package was not there. For a moment I hoped my fiance' got home earlier and got a package."

But that's when she checked their home security camera. Just ten minutes earlier, a young man carrying a skateboard and a backpack, bends down and quickly plucks the package from the doorstep, and hustles away, taking Svitlana's dream-dress with him. Svitlana says she hopped in her car and combed the neighborhood, but finally gave up, and contacted SFPD, which has been dealing with a wave of so-called porch pirates.

"When we got to the police station there were very helpful, they said can you describe the person. We said we have the video," Furs says.

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Now she's hoping someone will recognize the suspect and contact police. Like thousands of couples, Svitlana and her fiance plan to get married at San Francisco City hall. Relatives are coming from as far away as Ukraine for the wedding that's now less than three weeks away. Svitlana has ordered a replacement gown, but isn't sure it'll make it in time for alterations.

Unless, of course, the thief, in the jeans, tennis shoes and baseball cap, has a change of heart and returns the original.

"It's more of an emotional attachment right. And you can do better," she says.
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