Tony Bennett tribute statue to be unveiled Friday in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Excitement is building for Friday's unveiling of a Tony Bennett statue in San Francisco.

The legendary singer will be at the event. The statue was created by sculptor Bruce Wolfe.

Bennett posed for three days at Wolfe's Piedmont studio. Wolfe came up with a pose of the singer standing with his arms stretched out.

"That's the way he starts and ends every song, you know. He's got his mic in his hand. He's got his chest out. The sun is hitting him. That's kind of nice," Wolfe said.

Bennett will have a Mona Lisa smile. He can't be grinning because the green patina that will form over the bronze statue looks weird on teeth.

The unveiling is Friday at noon in front of the Fairmont Hotel. That's where Bennett first performed the classic song "I Left My Heart in San Francisco."
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