More encounters reported with woman in anti-Asian rant caught on video in SoCal park

Other people are coming forward to report hostile encounters with a woman who was recorded delivering an anti-Asian rant in a Torrance park. staff KABC logo
Friday, June 12, 2020
Torrance Tirade: Another encounter reported with woman in anti-Asian rant
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Other people are coming forward to report hostile encounters with a woman who was recorded delivering an anti-Asian rant in a Torrance park. This raw video shows one such alleged incident.

TORRANCE, Calif. -- After video was posted on social media of a woman launching a racist tirade in a Torrance park, other people are coming forward to describe similar encounters with the same woman.

One man spoke to ABC7 about an encounter with her that he also recorded, in which she is heard speaking in a mock Asian accent, telling him to "go home" and calling him "Chinaman."

In the video she is heard saying: "I am not a racist person. but you know what? You need to go home."

She adds: "This is my country and this is from my government: Go home. Put that on your Facebook. You know what, you are nothing."

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The new video emerged one day after footage went viral on social media showing the same woman in a similar encounter at a Torrance park. During that confrontation she told the Asian woman who was exercising in a park: "Go back to whatever (expletive) Asian country you belong in."

Another person reported being physically assaulted by the same woman at a local mall in October 2019.

The person tweeted: "I filed a police report on this same lady back in October 2019 due to a physical attack ON ME. Nothing came of it. What are you going to do about it NOW? @TorrancePD"

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Members of the Torrance community and others are rallying around the incident, condemning the woman and offering support for the exerciser who was subject to the tirade.

The group "South Bay Social" is organizing a workout session in the same park Friday morning.

"We are joining forces to show support for our South Bay neighbor who was verbally harassed with racial comments while working out in Wilson Park."

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The group urged people to wear black, a reference to the woman's comments about wearing black while exercising in the California sun.

Congressman Ted Lieu, who represents the Torrance area, also weighed in, noting that the voters of Torrance have repeatedly supported him as an Asian-American candidate: "This woman went on an anti-Asian tirade in Torrance, CA. You know what's sort of cool? The good and decent people of Torrance repeatedly elected an Asian American to City Council, then State Assembly, then State Senate, then Congress. That would be me."

Police are said to be looking into the matter and Torrance Mayor Patrick Furey said "Conduct like that displayed on the video cannot be tolerated."