Report: 5,700 Uber, Lyft cars on San Francisco streets on typical weekday

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A report found that more than 5,700 Uber and Lyft vehicles operate in San Francisco during a typical weekday peak period.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority will hold a hearing Tuesday at City Hall to review that newly released report on ridesharing and its impact on traffic in the city.

Ride-hailing services average more than 170,000 trips within the city each weekday, 12 times higher than the number of trips taken by taxis.

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During peak periods, they make up about 20 to 25 percent of vehicle trips in downtown San Francisco.

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This report comes on the heels of complaints that their drivers increase congestion downtown, double park while waiting to pick up or drop off passengers, and draw out-of-town drivers who move erratically trying to find their way around unfamiliar streets.

"Cyclists have worked long and hard to get safe infrastructure in this city just in time to have them filled up with the Lyfts and Ubers dropping and picking people up, and there goes the bike lanes," Cheryl Brinkman with the SFMTA said.

Board members are using the report to develop possible regulations to deal with the ridesharing effects on city streets.

"As we think about congestion in the long run, it's about us bringing all the parties to the table, but also thinking through what are all the new technologies that can really enable us to share a ride, and really reduce congestion in a smart way," Uber representative Wayne Ting said.

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